A 30 meter radio telescope will be constructed and operated in Greece for the first time, at the southeastern point of Europe at the Thermopile Center of Satellite Communications in the region of Skarfeia, Lokrida. The ambitious project is the result of the scientific collaboration between the  HERON LAB of the Department of Physics of University of Thessaly and the School of Science and Technology (SST) of the Hellenic Open University  with scientists in charge, Assistant Professor – Physicist and RF Engineer Giorgos  P. Veldes and Assistant Professor – Radio Astronomer Nectaria A.B. Gizani, respectively. The Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation  (OTE), has provided  SST/TSARL the necessary infrastructure of the 30-meter telecommunication antenna, which will be transformed to receive radio signals from the Universe.


Press Release

The first Hellenic Radio Telescope